Tuition and Class Schedule

Normal tuition is $2500 per person for the Intensive Program, which includes ten full days of instruction and guidance within a 13-day period. We are offering HALF OFF for the first 10 students who enroll into the Summer/Fall 2018 course. The program starts on a Saturday, skips Sunday, resumes Monday through Friday, breaks Saturday and Sunday, then finishes up the following Monday through Thursday. The work days are from 9am-5pm with two short breaks and a one-hour lunch break at 12:30pm. 

Each Intensive Program begins in the School of Awesomeness headquarters located at 2217 W Colorado  Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80904, and ends on site of a local mural project.

SCHOLARSHIPS are being developed. Further information is available upon request.

We are currently accepting enrollment for Summer/Fall 2018. There will be an interview and portfolio review to get better acquainted before any final decisions are made. Filling out the email form below is just the first step!

No exact date yet for Summer/Fall 2018

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Yes, I am interested in the Intensive Program

Let School of Awesomeness get to know you a bit and tell us which time period works best for you. This is also the time to ask questions and make comments if you have any.